Cryptocurrency Exchanges

Automate Compliance and Investigation Activities

Improve efficiency, offer safer services, and cut costs with automated reporting, auditing, and regulatory compliance monitoring.

Leveraging cutting edge data pipelines, algorithms, and intelligence gathering techniques, Gray Wolf Analytics helps cryptocurrency businesses combat and eliminate criminal behavior and fraudulent activity on blockchain networks. 


Gain access to an advanced blockchain intelligence platform and customizable investigative toolsets to automate time-consuming reporting, event monitoring, and auditing activities.



Detect, report, and investigate suspicious transactions and maintain compliance.

Better blockchain visibility.
With blockchain activity on the rise, and compliance regulations changing quickly, it's more important than ever to understand what's happening on your platform. Protect your business with automated compliance and custom invesitigative tools.

Event Monitoring

Proactively monitor events and get notified when there are deviations.

Custom Tools

Reduce the cost of compliance activities and improve workflows.

.No installation

.No managing infrastructure

.Blockchain & data agnostic

.API level access

Analyze billions of


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