Financial Institutions

Mitigate the Risks Associated

with Virtual Assets

De-risk cryptocurrency transactions, monitor and prevent fraudulent activity, and gain more visibility into the flow of funds.

With our advanced analytics engine, we help financial institutions de-risk cryptocurrency transactions, assess the risk of capital originating from virtual assets, and gain clear insight into the flow of capital.


Whether it’s engaging in new business with the world’s largest cryptocurrency exchanges, or offering clients the ability to buy and sell virtual assets, Gray Wolf offers a solution that allows you to reduce the risks associated with this new world of business.



Detect, report, and investigate suspicious transactions and maintain compliance.

Better visibility. Fewer risks.
Stay ahead of ever-changing customer needs and regulations with automated compliance, reporting, and investigative tools.

Track Activity

Link on-chain and off-chain data to monitor the flow of physical and virtual assets.

Automate Reports

Reduce the cost of manual compliance activities and improve workflows.

.No installation

.No managing infrastructure

.Blockchain & data agnostic

.API level access

Insight into any virtual assets.

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