Cloud-based, Scalable

Cryptocurrency Analytics

Access the complete Bitcoin blockchain, build and run ad-hoc scalable analytics, and create custom reports with full data provenance and

Built on Apache Spark with Jupyter integration, Gray Wolf Analytics’ cloud-based blockchain platform leverages cutting-edge data pipelines, algorithms, and intelligence gathering techniques to help researchers analyze the full Bitcoin blockchain from anywhere, with zero installation.

Full-chain development

Collaborative Bitcoin Investigations 

Gain insight with collaborative investigation capabilities, import data, and generate shared reports.

Query the complete Bitcoin blockchain, or a subset, run full-chain advanced statistics, create novel clustering algorithms and workflows, and apply activity and entity classifiers.

Custom Visualizations 

Build interactive, custom data visualizations. 

Custom Reports

Create reports and executables that can be re-run remotely with minimal programming.

.No installation

.No managing infrastructure

.API level access

Analyze billions of

transactions. Anywhere.

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