Cloud-based, scalable

blockchain analytics.

With rapidly evolving regulations and limited visibility into cryptocurrency activity, Gray Wolf Analytics was founded to help organizations offer safer and more efficient financial services.
Analyze any Blockchain - at any Scale
With cutting-edge data pipelines, algorithms, and intelligence gathering techniques, we help financial organizations and cryptocurrency exchanges identify and eliminate fraudulent activity on blockchain networks.


Prevent, detect, and report suspicious activities.

Event Triggers

Know when someone breaks a rule in your system.

Live Monitoring

Proactively monitor events as they happen.

Tailored Reports

Build custom reporting for in-depth investigations.

Risk Scoring

Automatically assign risk metrics to transactions.

Custom Tools

Create tools to automate 

your specific workflows.

.No Installation

.Blockchain & Data Agnostic

.Custom Reporting

.API Level Access

Assess risks and maintain

compliance on any network



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Financial Institutions

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