Supercharge Your Virtual Asset Compliance And Investigations

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Building the future of Virtual Asset Compliance

At Gray Wolf, we are pioneering the future of virtual assets by delivering the security and risk mitigation experience of the 21st Century. By building the most advanced collaborative intelligence and communication platform in the world, we are rapidly understanding the risks of virtual assets and cryptocurrency in a way that will forever change the compliance and regulatory space. Defi, cryptocurrencies, and virtual assets represent a rapidly growing and revolutionary field of technology that can forever change how data is viewed and dealt with. By enabling the world to have security and peace of mind when using these technologies, we are helping to bring forward their worldwide adoption and endorsement.
In a field of evolving regulations and limited visibility into activity, Gray Wolf Analytics was founded to help organizations offer safer and more efficient virtual asset services.
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Connect with a global network of cryptocurrency investigators through real-time communication


Immediately and directly notify other VASPs & Investigators of cryptocurrency crime to reduce the spread and collaborate on investigations


Access a secure, shared, multi-channel enterprise attribution list with AI-powered review process

Our Values

Our values set the foundation for everything we do


We listen to the needs of the market and build for our customers.



We commit to first principles reasoning to solve problems in creative, innovative, and effective ways.


We act with the highest level of integrity, value quality, transparency, and fairness, and deliver on commitments.


We value teamwork and open communication both internally and with customers and partners.

"We must learn to think together in an integrated, synergistic fashion, rather than in fragmented and competitive ways"

- Joanna Macy